How Do You Reach Your Ideal Customers?

We know how tough it is. You're competing for the same customers, clients or donors as your competition. And you're bombarded on all sides by salespeople trying to sell you the latest and greatest - promising to put your website on the front page of a Google search, or telling you your online ad will get you thousands of views a day, or that theirs is the publication where you need to be.

How do you clearly differentiate your business and put together a marketing program that maximizes your limited budget?

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Marketing @ Work’s Seasoned Professionals Can Help!

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Branding & Identity

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Have a good news story?

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Videos / Websites that tell your story

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Clients and Testimonials

“When I began my business in Frederick, it appeared that no one understood what an independent educational consultant did and why we bring a valuable service to the college search and application process. “Then I met Diane DeMarco!  What a find. Diane’s company, Marketing @Work, took the time to understand the value of my service to families"

Charlotte Klaar, PhD
Marketing @Work Client

Here are just two of the videos we’ve done for our clients. Charlotte Klaar has said that people have commented that after watching her videos, they were convinced that she was the college consultant they wanted for their student!

A Complete Marketing Program or Just One Piece!

Marketing @Work can create a complete strategic marketing program that integrates traditional marketing, PR and social media to target your most profitable customers and achieve your sales goals.

This could include research, a website, videos, eye-catching ads, brochures, e-newsletters or direct mail. Frequently, marketing programs include a blog, a Facebook Fan Page and e-newsletters - all tied together to get your customers to take action and drive them to your website.

Marketing Program

Have a Good News Story

Many businesses do, and we'll tell that story to traditional and online media with well

crafted news releases and media alerts.

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