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Small Business Week is April 30th – May 6th

Use Small Business Week to thank existing customers

and invite new ones!

May is chock-full of themes and holidays that you can use to promote your business! Have a restaurant? Offer specials on Cinco de Mayo, National Nurses Day, National Teacher’s Day, Eat What You Want Day, Military Spouses Day or Armed Forces Day!

Marketing your business during Small Business Week

April 30 – May 6

Retail stores and florists could also offer specials on many of those days! National Renewal Day also offers many opportunities for renewal, whether it’s for the body or the soul (weight loss, exercise, yoga, mindfulness). It could also be a time to refresh your home’s carpets – or buy new ones. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

In addition to Small Business Week, here are some other May themes:

  • Military Appreciation Month
  • National Photograph Month
  • National BBQ Month
  • National Tourism Week (May 7th – May 13th)
  • Graduation and Proms

And here are a whole lot of other May holiday themes You can use for marketing:
May 1 – May Day and Loyalty Day
May 4 – Renewal Day and World Give Day
May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
May 6 – National Nurse’s Day
May 9 – National Teacher’s Day
May 11 – Eat What You Want Day – our personal favorite!
May 12 – Military Spouses Day
May 14 – Mother’s Day
May 20 – Armed Forces Day
May 29 – Memorial Day

*Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of to help people break away from the frustrating health and diet trends of our times, if for only one day, and just let go and enjoy life a little. Most nutritionists seem to agree that giving yourself a break every now and again can actually be good for us.

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