Make Your Business Stand out from the Crowd!

It’s important to make your company stand out in good times and bad.  Here are 10 marketing strategies for making sure your business is always in front of your customers:

Marketing Strategies for Success:

1. Never stop marketing your business! Even if your competitors cut back on their marketing, remember that their absence leaves more mindshare for smart companies like yours that are continuing to market themselves.

2.  Identify and highlight your unique selling proposition – what you do differently or better than your competition.

3.  Think about marketing strategies that help buyers to feel that they are minimizing risk. Free consultations are one way to do that ( and we do offer them!)

For a restaurant, a “buy one entrée get one half off” offer is a strategy that minimizes risk.

4.  Get strategic about what you market – look at who your most profitable customers are or what your most profitable products or services are, and how you can target your marketing efforts to promote those profitable products or services.

This is also good time to really analyze your business.  Some businesses tend to flirt with new products or services – and may put a lot of time and money into promoting them.  But we’ve seen a number of cases where:

  • Those services never took off, and
  • They were a time and money black hole

When clients stopped spending the time and dollars to promote those marginal services, and re-focused the strategy on their core business, their sales took off.

5.  Look carefully at where you’re spending your advertising and marketing dollars.  First, are you using the best outlets for your business?  Do their Marketing Strategiesdemographics line up with your target customers?  Make sure you do your research and make decisions based on facts, rather than the best salesperson.  We help clients to compare a variety of possibilities and make decisions based on realistic strategies and comparisons.

Then, of course, track where your customers are coming from. Are you getting results from your current efforts?

Whether a restaurant, medical aesthetics clinic or financial services firm, have a method for tracking new customers.

Also, look for deals in your media spending.  Newspapers and radio stations frequently have first-time advertiser specials, plus periodic promotions.

6.  Leveraging up your traditional media with online advertising.  Many people get their news and information online, so it’s usually a good strategy to have a combination of media.

7.  Support your traditional media with social media and vice-versa, and point customers to your website. Think of your website as the center of your Social Media Marketingstrategy, and use ads, an e-newsletter, a Facebook fan page, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever else you do to drive people to your website (or in some cases your blog or a landing page).  That’s where you provide additional information, a call to action, and an easy “order now” or “contact us today” button.

8.  Have a strategy that includes both traditional and social media, along with PR, so you and everyone in your company know what you are trying toSocial Media accomplish.

9.  Do a simple action plan/timetable/budget that outlines what you will do and when you will do it.  That will help keep you on target and on budget. Include editorial plans for your Facebook/Twitter/Blog, etc.

10.  Stick to your plan.  A plan can keep you from making impulse buying decisions that are not consistent with your strategy, and that waste your precious marketing dollars.  Sometimes a valuable role we play with clients is to recommend against a media purchase.

On the other hand, be open to new marketing opportunities that may open up new markets and ways to leverage up your precious dollars.

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