You wouldn’t take a vacation without a plan, would you? There may be airline tickets to buy, perhaps a car to get tuned up for a road trip, hotel reservations to make, someone to watch the kids or the dog, check on the house, pick up the mail. That vital time away takes some advance thought and planning! The same is true of your marketing plan.

We create marketing plans for many of our clients because they find they’re spending thousands of dollars, but not seeing the results they’d like. One of the reasons is that they don’t have a long-term plan with a consistent message and branding.

And sometimes, even very smart business people will be sold on a program that doesn’t yield the results they want – or any results at all!

Our comprehensive marketing plans start with research on your business and your industry. We frequently work with you and your team to to a SWAT analysis, that is:

Strengths (internally within your company)

Weaknesses (internally)

Opportunities (out in the marketplace). For instance, it could be the opportunity to introduce new products or services.

Threats (out in the marketplace). One example could be increased governmental regulations.

We then outline your:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Unique selling proposition (what sets you apart from your competitors)
  • Goals
  • Objectives or tactics to reach those goals

The marketing plan also includes:

  • A budget to ensure your marketing dollars are well-planned. This would likely include both traditional media and social media marketing.
  • A plan of action/timetable:
    • What are you going to do
    • When are you going to do it
    • Who is responsible for getting it done?
    • Include an editorial schedule for your blog and Facebook to stay on track with regular postings

Our marketing plans, which are delivered in a three-ring binder, often include additional appendixes for support materials. For example, the plan we created for the Princess Day Spa & Boutique included a list with the names and addresses of private schools, along with a list of businesses where they may want to market themselves.

“The Marketing Plan You Created is a Great Resource”

Marketing plan“The plan that you all wrote for us is such a great help; many of our parties are referrals from one of the mommy groups you suggested. You would not believe…how often we go back to the plan. I didn’t really realize how many resources were in there until we really started the business. So again, thank you.”

Tamika Maultsby, Princess Day Spa & Boutique

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