Our website exceeded expectations!

Our website definitely exceeded our expectations! Working with Diane was easy and fun. She was very perceptive in collaborating with us to update our marketing strategy, has wonderful contacts throughout Frederick, and was both persistent and creative in building out our image. I highly recommend Marketing @Work to other small business owners in our community.

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Great resource

The plan that you all wrote for us is such a great help; many of our parties are referrals from one of the mommy groups you suggested. You would not believe…how often we go back to the plan.

I didn’t really realize how many resources were in there until we really started the business. So again, thank you. As we get more money, we will definitely need your help with the bigger items.

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Extensive contacts and resources

Diane’s creativity and promotional flair was instrumental in helping us promote our user’s conference on short notice. She helped us use our website and a program of emails and colorful and unique mailings to get our clients excited about attending the conference.

She knows how to diplomatically keep everyone on task, hold to deadlines and stay on budget. But the overall impression you get from Diane is that she is committed to excellence in all areas of her business. You really get enterprise-quality results at small-medium business costs.

She has extensive contacts and resources to get the creative results you want.

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