I’m so glad I discovered Marketing @Work!

When I began my business in Frederick, it appeared that no one understood what an independent educational consultant did and why we bring a valuable service to the college search and application process.

Then I met Diane DeMarco! What a find. Diane’s company, Marketing @Work, took the time to understand the value of my service to families and developed some very creative ways in which to educate the community.

For example, Diane recommended that Klaar College Consulting exhibit at the Maryland Women’s Conference(MWC), as the demographics of women who attend are a good fit with my business. We did so and received several good leads. Additionally, I was asked to be a speaker at this year’s MWC.

Diane and her team also created eye-catching ads for local high school parent newsletters that have resulted in phone calls and new clients. They also created a marketing and social media program for an informational seminar at the C. Burr Artz Library; the seminar attracted a capacity audience!

Most recently, Marketing @Work created a beautiful new website that has drawn rave reviews from my colleagues!

I’m so happy I found someone with the right combination of marketing skills and community knowledge to help my business grow!

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